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CHAI is Mana, Kana, Yuuki, and Yuna, a four piece pop/punk/rock band from Nagoya. Their Neo-Kawaii attitude of inclusion and celebrating our imperfections attempts to dismantle and subvert notions of cuteness that its members feel are so repressive in Japan. Neo-Kawaii is exemplified by their song N.E.O. (live version), from the 2017 album PINK. More from PINK: Boyz Seco Men, Horechatta. Their 2019 album PUNK continues the theme, with a more expansive sound: Choose Go!, Great Job, I'm Me, Curly Adventure, Future. [bandcamp, (Spotify: PUNK, PINK), live stuff] Positive + Negative = POGATIVE!
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Argh, mods, the Choose Go! link was pasted wrong and goes to an ad. Fixed link: Choose Go!
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Oh, I am really digging this! Thanks for posting :)

I love that they're "dumpling aficionados." I need to figure out which one is the song about dumplings when I have time, and listen to it when I make gyoza this weekend.
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aw yeah this slaps!! This is the post-punk jam I did not know my Friday needed.
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Ok so Horechatta is the one about gyoza in case anyone else needed to know that for their weekend gyoza parties. You're welcome.

You are always so tiny
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This is great! I'm enjoying the tunes and the videos so much. Thanks.
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[Fixed link!]
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(Somehow reminiscent of Brazil’s Cansei de Ser Sexy. Fun!)
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Oh! This was a thing I meant to look up after hearing a DJ on the local public radio station talk about this band. Thanks for posting.
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