The least weasel isn't least in my heart
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7 Incredibly Adorable Animals Unique to Hokkaido, Japan

The Ezo momonga can "fly," but as far as I can determine they mostly choose to just cuddle and eat and hang out in the moody winter twilight. Other squirrels definitely fly, though.
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I really need to pet Ezo Momonga's fat little tumtum
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The least weasel is one of my favorite weasels.
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Honey badger is the most weasel.
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What? What is this? The least weasel is absolutely not unique to Hokkaido. This does not seem like an accurate source of information.

Unless we're specifically talking about Japan there, but that's not super clear.
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Wolverine is the most weasel.
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Wolverine is dead. Long live Wolverine.
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Weasels are nothing but otters who can't swim.
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When I was in Hokkaido last month, I didn't see any of those cuties, but I did see quite a few Melon Bears.
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Those squirrels are very cute
Hokkaido ... squirrel ...
remembers 'Golden Kamuy'
"Citatap, citatap, citatap, citatap" <- not cute
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They're all adorable! ♥♥♥
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