Attention all heterotrophs
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Journey to the microcosmos is a YT channel dedicated to microscopy and the diminutive denizens (heterotrophs as well as autotrophs) of that minuscule world. Marvel at the mighty Stentor! Partake in the thrill of the chase! But first all, enjoy the beautiful pictures by microscopist James Weiss.
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This is great! That single-celled stentor eating multicellular worm-like thingies is crazy.
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Watching this is very entertaining and pleases me enormously. I knew this stuff was out there happening but seeing it presented like this is just delightful.
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This reminds me of something G K Chesterton said; "We talk about life as being dull as ditchwater, but is ditchwater dull? Naturalists with microscopes have told me that it teems with quiet fun. "
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Thank you for this post! I could watch things like this all day.

Manu Prakash (previously,previouslier,previouslierer) once showed me a Petri dish of Lacrymaria olor. Amazing little microscopic elephants. Here is someone else's video.

I almost decided to change my research field then and there.
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This is fantastic, thanks for sharing!

Also note the music is by Andrew Huang, recently featured on Metafilter.
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These are great! Back when I worked in a plant pathology lab I kept a flask of river water by one of the microscopes and during coffee breaks we'd put a drop under the scope and look for interesting critters.
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