A fluffy, three-foot-long killer found in Wyoming is the oldest known
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Meet Lori, a tiny dinosaur that may help explain how birds evolved flight The newly described dinosaur, reported today in the journal PeerJ, specifically comes from a layer of roughly 150-million-year-old rocks called the Morrison Formation, which covers a vast swath of the western U.S. centered on Wyoming and Colorado.
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Well that's a second thing that's cool about Wyoming.

(Yellowstone beats awesome fossils though)

EDIT: And I say that as some who has a degree...

In. Geology.

EDIT EDIT: And who sort of specialized in Paleo...
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I'm betting Nat Geo wouldn't have had a sub header of "Fluffy little murderbird" as few as five years ago. 🦖
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Why does it's scientific name not translate to "Fluffy little murderbird"?
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Well that's a second thing that's cool about Wyoming

? Wyoming is huge and full of cool stuff. The people can be a little weird . . .

There's a good National Geographic special that just came out called "When Whales Walked" - it has a bunch of fun stuff about this group of dinosaurs.
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