Keanu Reeves stops robbery - or does he?
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The same tech that's used to create deepfake photos is now being used in videos, like this one featuring Keanu Reeves. How the tech works (with Tom Cruise).
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The 2020 US elections is going to be the worst, guys.
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What's the current legal thinking in terms of using likenesses in cases like this?

I enjoy this channel regularly but their deep fakes videos* are both fascinating and disquieting. But at least they articulate the process, which helps spread regular understanding of what's possible.
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well, mass culture and communication has been fun. Time to log off and talk to my neighbors or something... I guess... ugh.
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I'm reading Neil Stephenson's latest book The Fall, or, Dodge In Hell which creates a big deal out of how the current internet is tipping towards all content being suspicious. It's on par quality with Reamde, but not as good as his classic stuff or Seveneves.

On this topic, I think it's so cool that artists will be able to play with these tools. I love mocap in theory, and this will in theory make it another avenue of exploration.

I'm really curious to see what this might do to define an individual's likeness as owned by themselves... and all the complex, grey water that would come from it.
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I've been reading and listening to a bunch of stuff lately and I can only conclude that nothing on the internet is real. How fitting that they used Keanu Reeves aka Mr Tomas A Anderson in their simulation?
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The Keanu Reeves one doesn't really quite show how good the state of the art (?) is. The one with Jim Carrey as Jack Torrance in The Shining is probably the cutting edge -- the audio isn't changed, just the face, but holy cow, is it really impressive.
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I came here to post Jim Carrey as Jack Torrance and lo, there it is already.
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There was something very uncanny valley about that. It seemed like his head didn't quite fit his cap.
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The actor is not as tall as Keanu Reeves, nor is the head the right shape and volume. Look at any single frame — the face is disproportionate. When there’s large physiognomy disparity, getting a good solve between source and target is difficult. This is why it looks like it’s “sliding” around and under the cap and hair. If it was a face less famous, this wouldn’t be a problem. Lots of actors are like lollipops — large skull, smaller body — so the subconscious won’t flag it. The lighting and matchmove are good. These guys are good generalists; enjoying their vids.
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We're all gonna die.
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" But at least they articulate the process, which helps spread regular understanding of what's possible."

Sort of. they give an understanding of whats possible given the budget and time constraints they work within. If you put more resources and time into the problem you'll get better results. And of course, this stuff is getting better (and more accessible) all the time.
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They just posted their video on how they did this one
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