Gonna Make You Fall in Love With Spines
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Today is the 15th anniversary of the release of the band They Might Be Giants' 10th studio album, The Spine, which was released alongside the EP The Spine Surfs Alone. The first track off The Spine, Experimental Film, had a music video featuring Homestar Runner.
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Oh crud, I meant to have a link on The Spine Surfs Alone.

The Spine and The Spine Surfs Alone were TMBG's first release after I discovered them; I only owned the Dial-a-Song collection before I purchased The Spine. I listened to it so much for a few years that I burnt myself out on listening to it for a good decade by the time The Else came out, but "Now is Strange" and "I'm All You Can Think About" are two of my favorite songs ever to this day. They're just so weird.
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I swan, how did you post this when I had just been yelling along to "Till My Head Falls Off" and thinking about how perfect this band is. I haven't even been able to keep up with their last few albums because they put out so much. Where is their jukebox musical?

Although The Spine is not my favorite, "Experimental Film" is a huge bop for anyone who needs creative inspiration and/or loves Strong Sad, the roundest of Goths. And "Damn Good Times" also has a terrific animated video.

I also have a soft spot for "Thunderbird" because I remember playing this album on my drive to work, and "Thunderbird" would come on at just the time that I was taking the exit to the road where traffic sucked less.
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I remember downloading all my TMBG from eMusic when it had an all-you-can-DL model. Ah, Damn Good Times.
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And once they have your attention
They'll use it to ask for attention

That section always makes me wonder if John and John have dogs. Because that's exactly how it works.
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Just reading this headline got “Experimental Film” lodged back in my head on loop for... not the first time this summer, even though I doubt I’ve listened to it in the past year or three. Such a catchy little thing, with all the “YEAH!”s.
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15 years? Time is marching on.

So many bangers on The Spine, though. Thunderbird, Bastard..., It's Kickin' In, Museum of Idiots, Damn Good Times? All on one album! I was more of a playlist-shuffle-listener than a whole-album-listener, so I didn't connect them together til now.
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