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Beaver and Steve is an absurdist webcomic about a beaver named Beaver and a... dinosaur... lizard... thing named Steve. Also, it was last updated in 2008, but there's almost 350 strips to read.
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Another silly webcomic with similarly named main characters is Hyper and Stick. (Hyper is a hippo and Stick is a stick.)
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Hmm. The last thing on James Turner's Amazon author page is from 2014. He seems to have joined the not-small list of webcartoonists who just kind of went away one day.
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speaking of webcomics that went away one day, and also a brilliant and lovely progenitor of this kind of thing, let us never forget buttercup festival. (honestly, this comic feels like just more BF, and that's a good thing)
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Found him.
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Oooh. I read Beaver and Steve regularly back in the day. And the first fan art I made was a pencil crayon drawing of Steve.

This is fun to re-read; the humour is holding up pretty well.
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On Interweb, Beaver leaves it to you.
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Yes! This is great! This is a good post and you should feel good.
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