Let's Record Some Caxixi, Brother!
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Montreal-based indie-folk one-man-band Coatseller released his new album Sun last week, after documenting his recording process on his "Once Upon a Synth" YouTube channel over the last month.
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I am sitting outside in the sun, looking at my flowers, and listening to “Dover”, and I am very happy right now. Thank you for this, he’s brand new to me. Looking forward to hearing more.
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Nice workstation—I am jealous! And I like the songs. Recording is such a painstaking process, but this is nudging me back toward that precipice.
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This reminds me a lot of Half-Handed Cloud in all the most pleasant ways.
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I added this to my library a couple of weeks ago and got sidetracked. Just put this on and I'm several tracks in. It's exceptional--mellow and warm with a nice balance of whimsy without feeling overly florid.
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