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#Viernesdeilustracion is a popular hashtag on twitter and instagram for Mexican illustrators to share their work, and every week there's a different theme. This Friday it was 'Traditional Mexican Outfits'; a few of the submissions: one, two, three, four.
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As a note: twitter ignores the accent, and there's no difference between a search for #viernesdeilustración and #viernesdeilustracion. Instagram does not, but the more popular hashtag is #viernesdeilustracion. (#viernesdeilustración can be seen here)
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Oh fun! I love the one by minervagm that you posted, such a beautiful simple design. Poking through the tag reveals there was clearly a dinosaur or T. rex theme recently because it led to awesome illustrations like this football action shot by doble._.s, and a bug one because I saw this gorgeous colorful cricket by cheketeran. And maybe an astrology theme? Because kuartomez's Year of the Rat is so cute! I love this.
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Last week's theme seems to have been Jurassic Park, yeah. There was one on insects the week before that (which led to this amazing Nausicaa fanart, I absolutely love the colors in it).

The minervagm one is based on some Ramón Validosera designs - I'm not finding anything about him in English, but you can see a picture of the designs on this webpage.
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Oh. These are so marvelous! Added the hashtag to follow!
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