geometry and ornament in Islamic architecture
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Created by master builders in the late medieval Iranian world, the Topkapı Scroll compiles a rich repertory of geometric drawings for wall surfaces and vaults. [previously]
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Man I love Kufic calligraphy. Usually it's a square symmetry; this hexagonal one is interesting.
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Super cool- I love it.
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Escher would approve.
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Escher visited the Alhambra and it had a profound effect on him.
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Lovely. ISTR there was an online version, but I can't find it now.

The scroll appears to be a pattern book, and I love the idea that there was a Persian artisan who travelled around going, "Yeah, I can do you fan shaped muqarnas on these corners no bother, mate. A full vault of stellate ones, though? … «makes international expensive noise»”
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Thanks for posting this, I look forward to studying it in depth.
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I find Islamic Geometric Design fascinating and I found a few resources I enjoy.

I found Eric Brough and his books. I have his book, Islamic Geometric Patterns, and I keep trying to make some time to learn the compass and ruler construction method for these intricate designs.

On the Internet Archive there is another book I really like: Les Elements de l'Art Arabe that has a wealth of information and patterns.

There is also a Facebook group where people share their designs and methods. They use other methods and grids in addition to the basic ruler and compass approach.
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Les Elements de l'Art Arabe

Glad you like it. I put it up there after cleaning up the Google scans.
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