ROUGE by Yuna
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I can feel the change this time
They'll never take away what's mine
I'm gonna reach even higher I know
I found the strength I'm looking for
I'll take it to Forevermore
I feel the fire that burns inside
I hear a choir sing through the night
Don't let it go
Don't ever lose hope

ROUGE is the new album by Malaysian grown + American integrated singer-songwriter Yuna, also known as Yunalis binti Mat Zara'ai. Flying below the international radar since 2005 as a contestant on a Malaysian singing show, and spotlighted with 'Live Your Life' in 2012, though now that it's 2019 No One Can Tell Yuna What To Do On Her Defiant Fourth Album, ‘Rouge’ (UpRoxx).

Yuna is now setting off on her fourth tour, with multiple music videos too to promote ROUGE, the latest of which is Pink Youth, a collaboration between Yuna and English Rapper Little Simz, which contains what might be my favorite lyric: 🎵A little more lipstick baby yeah🎵🎵A little more knowledge baby oh 🎵🎵🎵On Blank Marquee, she and rapper G-Eazy escape a villain in the night glow of Kuala Lumpur.

Yuna displays her many musical facets via her work with multiple other artists on ROUGE: expresses frustrations at being looked down upon on the track 'Castaway,' with Tyler, The Creator, guitar jams with Miyavi to contemplate 'Teenage Heartbreak,' has a back-and-forth with Jay Park on 'Does She,' gets mad about the pressure to gain validation on the track 'Likes' with KYLE, and contemplates a long lost friend with Masego on 'Amy.' Yuna on New 'Rouge' Album, Working With Collaborators & Representation (Billboard).

ROUGE wraps up with two tracks of vivid artistic expression-- Forevermore, filmed with a loving and passionate eye of celebrating her birth culture and the people who share it, and the final track is a sparse piano ballad called Tiada Akhir, a full Malay language song.
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Um... I think her album is Rouge, not Rogue? There's no translations here is there? (Also, doesn't Rouge mean "red" in some languages?)

Pretty chill album, I'm gonna listen to the whole thing.
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Oh you're right, sigh, and I did my best to do spell check and all too. Thanks for catching that!
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I haven’t listened to any of her albums, but her cover of “Here Comes the Sun” (yes, it was from the soundtrack of a terribad movie) gave me chills and I bought the single immediately.

Looking forward to giving these links a listen!
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