Tōhokudaigaku burūgurasu dōkō-kai
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Sweet pickin' and singin', live from the Tohoku University Bluegrass Club. (mlyt)
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Thank you thank you thank you thank you.
From the only Mefite in Tohoku I’m pretty sure, thank you so much.
I am moving near Sendai where Tohoku University is in a couple of months, and I would never have guessed I could see live bluegrass music here.
Charly’s Lemoncountry, here I come.
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Bluegrass in Japan has a surprisingly long and deep history. (J.D. Crowe toured in 1975 to sold out shows everywhere.) It's nice to see the younger players.
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I really enjoyed poking through these videos. Some of the vocalists' pronunciation is a little off, but their twang is spot on. Also "bibb lettuce" is a great band name.
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Great link, thank you OE!

One of the great Country Gentlemen live albums is Live In Japan 1971. Doyle Lawson subs in for John Duffey on the mandolin - Duffey was apparently afraid of flying.

Here's a NPR article on Japanese bluegrass from a few years back.

Just for kicks, here's a duet between a banjo and a shamisen (kinda japanese banjo, in its way) trading licks on Cherokee Shuffle. There's some other great shamisen/bluegrass fusion out there to be had.
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They sound like the kind of small town picking act I heard as a kid in the Blue Ridge mountains in the mid-90s, but bonus points for the guitar-shaped sign behind them labeled GLAND OLD OPRY because omg best transliteration ever.
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This is wonderful! Thanks so much!

I've always loved Bluegrass and here are hours of new music to listen to! Can't wait until I can really delve into Tohoku Bluegrass club later today.

Thanks again!
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This is awesome! I had no idea about bluegrass's presence in Japan. Thank you for posting.
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