The battle to separate Safa and Marwa
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The BBC tells the story of separating a pair of conjoined infant twins, from funding and visa issues to surgeries to aftermath.
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A very good longform article. Medicine and humanity.
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THE BABIES LIVE! The babies end the story okay. They are okay.
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The surgery is so intricate and so brutal at the same time. Teasing apart all of those tiny veins, and then the reconstruction of the skulls, which seems so crude. I hope both little girls thrive.

I have so many questions about their lives before the surgery, though. How on earth do you feed, bathe, and care for newborns that are conjoined?
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bathing and changing them could actually be easier, since there's a solid anchor point on one end. feeding and dressing them would be as bad as ever, with the added fillip that nothing can be pulled over the head.
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