The Long Road to Pride
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Perhaps a little late, maybe many of you already saw it, but this Dublin Bus Pride video sweetly bridges the gap between the queers that came before us and the younger queers coming up.

I cried, you might not cry, I'm also way into heartsleeves gay glurge?
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Well that was sweet as all get out.
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CRYING. Thanks, nikaspark.
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They've got form for this. If this year's video doesn't set you blubbing then last year's one with proud dad's will.
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Yep, all the tears. That was lovely.
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This needs doing in every Pride Parade in the US.
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I can't believe how much I cried.
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oh man. This made me weepy. Beautiful.
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These are wonderful, and part of what I like so much is that they are promo pieces for a public transit company. This is the world I want to live in, where public services express these kinds of values.
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If you’re gay and live in a place that doesn’t come the whole way out for you, you owe it to yourself to go to Pride In London the week leading up to and the day and night of Pride to experience what near total validation feels like.

Same goes for Pride Weekend on Capitol Hill in Seattle (Trans Pride, Dyke March, not Corporate Pride). It’s good but Pride In London was like: “oh wow all these embassies are flying our flags and the BT tower is a rainbow and the Tube and Busses are decked out in posters in support of me and people are hugging me and every 3 feet is another pride flag and there’s like FIVE HUNDRED gay events this week why am I crying is this what validation feels like?”

Now never mind the TERF’s who blocked the Pride march in 2018 in was almost perfect...but yeah have you ever seen an airport with a Pride button? I have one from heathrow.

A fucking airport showed up for me.

Yeah. Pride In London. We need more cities doing this more often for more marginalized folks.
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Absolutely pierced and weeping right now.

Thank you.
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yeah I...achingly hurt cried from a very deep place I didn't know I had.
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From the video: "I was in the hospital. I just said to the doctor I couldn't live without affection. And he said to me, 'What right have you to affection?'" Can you believe the casual cruelty. From someone in the healing profession, no less.

On a positive note, I know one of the younger queers, and they are a truly lovely human being.
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"[Life] has to be a journey until you actually shed the loads, and then it can be a dance."

Truest words I've heard in a long time. This is fucking beautiful.

nikaspark, I wrote about this in another thread, but the Dyke March on Capitol Hill was transformational for me. Actually, before that weekend, I couldn't really say the word "dyke" out loud without feeling like I was spitting the word out and steeling myself a bit (I have a pretty traumatic history with that word). But now I can say it with something approaching pride.
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Good gods this is sweet. I want to run through this thread and give everyone an enormous hug right now, but I'll settle for hugging my kitties after work.
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That was nice, cheers for that.
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So lovely, and makes me proud of my Irish heritage that LGBT people are finally treated with equality there, and especially that older members of the community finally get a chance to show pride.
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“Ohhh my giddy aunt...”

I do not cry easily, but I am crying now. That was so sweet and I want to hug them all.
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