'Ultra racing - when I first heard about it, I thought, "That's stupid"'
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GBDuro 2019 was the first of an annual self-supported ride across the United Kingdom, using a route that includes roads, gravel trails, singletrack and everything in between. Organised by The Racing Collective, it was won by a pro rider Lachlan Morton who had his first steps into ultra racing documented in a beautiful and inspiring short film.

This is part of an effort by the EF Racing Team to branch out from road cycling and enjoy and share other styles of racing, including the Dirty Kanza ride (a 200 mile long ultra-endurance bicycling challenge, held on the gravel roads through the Flint Hills region of east-central Kansas).
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This looks very cool (if impossible for me). I've always wanted to do the Dirty Kanza. I believe MeFite J0 has done it a few times.
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If anyone wants the data from Lachlan's GBDuro ride, it's on Strava: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

(and a shout-out to the MeFi Strava club!)
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I compete in some long gravel races, but this on another level. Another race I'll drool over, but unlikely to ever get to try.
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Watched the whole movie. Starts slow but once you get to the race start, it's addictive... planned to just watch a bit but ended up watching the whole thing.

Many years ago I did a three-day, 260-mile ride for charity. No comparison to this of course but it was rough - a lot of up-and-down hills through river valleys. Midway through day two my knees felt like a couple of rusty old hinges. And then I saw that he'd done that much mileage **halfway through day one** with three more to go.

And that Day Two (at about ~16:30) - to be 1000K in, climbing a mountain, in the rain, into a 20-mph wind... that's nightmare stuff. His discussion of it is just heartbreaking. But he did it, at pretty much maximum effort, with no money or real fame involved. Much respect and best wishes to Mr. Morton.
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Dear god, those Strava entries are insane!
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If ultra long self supported ride films are your thing, check out Inspired to Ride. It covers a 2014 self supported race from the Pacific Northwest to Yorktown, Virginia. One of the competitors is the late Mike Hall, FYI. I linked to the official move page, but you can probably stream it on Amazon Prime or other streaming platforms.
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"This is the only time in my life I've been so sure I'm about to go and hit rock bottom somewhere. And it's like, it's weirdly exciting."
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The state of cycling is in a good place these days. It might sound like hyperbole, but the sudden popularity of this sort of riding gives me hope for humanity.
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I'm watching this great short doc about Morton and his brother (a former pro cyclist) riding 2500km from the east coast of Australia to Uluru (basically the middle of the outback).
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