Hearts of Our People
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In “Hearts of Our People,” Indigenous Women Reclaim Space Through Art. You may have seen Jamie Okuma's famous elk boots or seen her work in Vogue - she's not alone in using fashion to bridge the cultural divide. How 6 Indigenous Designers Are Using Fashion to Reclaim Their Culture. Worried about buying and wearing Native work? Jay Soule says, "My work is for everybody. Indigenous work is for everybody." "I would never sell sacred things, or designs I shouldn't be using," said Okuma. "Please buy it, if you like it, you can have it." posted by stoneweaver (8 comments total) 25 users marked this as a favorite
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these are fantastic, I am particularly liking a lot of the menswear from several of these designers.
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Jamie Okuma and Jessica Metcalfe had a great conversation about Native fashion on the All My Relations podcast. Jessica Metcalfe says, "Our ancestors were stylish!"
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These shoes are my favorite!
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Julie Buffalohead on Tricksters, Colonizers, and the State of Native Art.

(More on painting/sculpture, published by the MIA on Medium to coincide with "Hearts of our People")
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I should have included a link to Eighth Generation - forgive my oversight.
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I saw Jamie Okuma's boots among many other amazing works in the Native Fashion Now exhibit two years ago at the Museum of the American Indian in NYC. Orlando Dugi, a Diné fashion designer, Margaret Roach Wheeler, a Chicksaw weaver and artist, and Jared Yazzi, a fashion designer, were some of the other artists and designers featured.
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Had the pleasure of working with Rose Simpson and her mother - the sculptor Roxanne Swentzell last spring. Seeing Maria - and hearing that engine was a highlight.
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