50 Years of Stupid Moon Songs
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If this were a civilized country, we'd long ago have awarded Dave the Spazz national treasure status for his services to American culture.
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Oh boy! Now I'm going to have that Lucia Pamela song stuck in my head all day. MOO MOO MOOMOO MOOMOO MOO MOO MOO MOO! (and that's what she said to me)
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I'm sad that there's "There's a Moon in the Sky (Called the Moon)" by The B-52's on there...
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I could stretch this an extra 45 minutes based on my collection of songs that explicitly mention the moon in the title alone.

However, I have a slight objection in that many of the songs are not 'stupid' but thoughtful and clever, but if 'silly stupid' was a criteria, then I must humbly suggest the country outlaws song by The Highwaymen called The Highwaymen with Johnny Cash singing about being a space pilot is so out of character it's well on the way to 'stupid'.
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Related: Mira Calix - The Poor Moon Shines Her Light, a short(er) and sweet mix of moon songs. Scroll a little bit down for the tracklist. It's from the recent WXAXRXP broadcasts on nts.live celebrating the 30th anniversary of Warp Records.
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So, I listened to Hermanos Calatrava's cover of "Space Oddity", and it's like what you might have gotten from Martin and Lewis covering it in Spanish. And then I let it alone for a while, heard some sound coming from my headphone, and... it was the best version of "Life on Mars?" that Bowie ever did. Kind of OT but I had to share it.

Bonus (and a Bowie tribute): "Goodbye Moonmen" by Jemaine Clement.
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Wait, what? I can download the entire show as an MP3 and carry it in my pocket to play at opportune gatherings anytime I want?

This is actually very cool. i love this kind of thing. Thanks for posting, and now I start my download!
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