Hollis B. Worth Opens Up About Bulleit, Diageo Split
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Hollis B.Worth, (née Anne Hollister Bulleit) is known to thousands in the spirits industry as the “First Lady of Bourbon” and as the face of the Bulleit brand that is named after her family.

But, in 2017 she and Bulleit’s parent company, Diageo, parted ways. It wasn’t amicable.

In her first interview since the split, Hollis talked with Neat Pour about an alleged pattern of homophobic harassment that started in her own family and bled into her work environment at Diageo, the $12 billion multinational beverage company that also owns about 30 other brands including Tanqueray, Johnnie Walker, Ketel One, and Smirnoff.
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Yikes. Is she working for another company? After reading this, I'm definitely not buying Bulleit, but I'd want to support whatever company has her back.
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It wasn't clear to me if she was or not, I know in the article they talk about her having her own brand, but it doesn't sound like that panned out?
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Worth lives with Cher currently and is pursuing her artistic talents. After the alleged breach of her resolution agreement, her attorneys once again are in contact with her former employer.
Sounds like she's just working on her art at the moment.
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SO .. what *are* we drinking, if we would like to raise a glass to Ms. Worth and Ms. Worth?
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That's too bad, I really like Bulleit rye. Guess I'll have to find another brand.
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High West is good and is owned by Constellation, I believe, not Diageo.
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Is that for bourbon, or rye? Or both?
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Never mind, found it.
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I know a lot of people who've been drinking Eagle Rare and swear by it. I've mainly been splitting the difference and doing either Evan Williams for cocktails or Bakers or Noah's Mill for a straight sipper.
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Oh good, looks like my house standard Maker's Mark isn't owned by Diageo, so I'm safe there.
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My beloved Elijah Craig is owned by Heaven Hill, which is still independent and family owned. Shame, though, Bulleit is a go-to of mine.
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Three women who previously worked for Diageo used the term “boy’s club” to describe sales trips. They shared stories of lewd texts, discrimination based on gender, and excessive drinking by others.

Worth’s experiences were often similar. Neat Pour viewed text messages from a bartender who apologized for physically assaulting Worth in front of a crowd during a different sales trip in March 2013. The offender blamed being “over-served.”

Likewise, in a 2010 memo to Diageo management, she complained about being left by herself in car after the sales excursion made an unscheduled stop at a strip club. The subsection titled, “Request of Future Diageo Presence/Support” also mentions being forced to care for an egregiously drunk colleague early in the morning as well as being set up on unsolicited dates.

In response to that memo, Diageo demanded that Worth recant her reports of the events before they offered her a new contract, she said.

I guess this is how "Diageo celebrates pride," eh?

The list of brands owned by Diageo is pretty extensive.

But any self-respecting scotch aficionado can live without Johnnie Walker.
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If you like Bulleit Rye, you can always switch to another brand that uses the MGP rye. Maybe Rebel Yell Rye?

And as Bulleit was contract-distilled by Four Roses for ages and ages, you could probably move over to Four Roses Small Batch or Single Barrel. For an even cheaper option, Wild Turkey 101 is in a rude period of health at the moment…
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When I first heard about this a couple of years ago, I immediately stopped buying Bulleit. It's really disappointing that Diageo didn't back Worth in this fight.

Willett Family Reserve rye is another great option, although it's more of a sipper than a mixer. Their bourbon is also very good. And I was just introduced to Wilderness Trail, and their bourbons and rye are all phenomenal. They take a very different approach to distilling than most, as well.
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carsondial: "Wild Turkey 101"

So not much of a crisis then. I did like Bulleit but come on.
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~ scans list of Diageo’s brands...looks like I’m good...nothing on it that I...
Goddammit. They own George Dickel.
Well, at least my scotch is safe.
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Aw, shit. There was a bit of an 'all clear' among people I trust after the settlement, so it's really disappointing to find what Diageo was actually doing behind that cover.
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And a takeon the perils of tying a brand too closely to loving people. Will say I disagree about his comment on aviation gin
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