I mean, who wouldn't want a gang of meerkats on their head?
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There are fascinators, and then there are fascinators. Maor Zabar makes hats that really stand out, from sea creatures to bugs to fast food. He also has a shop on Etsy - but the prices are high.
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I'd say the prices are high for a hat, but not unbelievably high for art or couture. These things are neat enough to command that price for those who are willing to pay it, I think.
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I find the food ones kind of grotesque but if that's what you're going for, he gets you there. I mostly like the flower ones; beauty is beauty & he captures their essence quite well. But where are the meerkats? I want to see meerkats on a hat! Standing on top of things is kind of their thing.
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Same here! Came for the meerkats, but can't even find a passing reference! In the meantime, here's a google image search on the thread title.
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These are absolutely amazing and they're making me want to learn how to make hats. I think my favorite is the venus fly-trap, though all of the ocean creatures are wonderful too.
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Gosh, that peppy little zip of mustard on the hotdog hat is beyond fabulous. I can never pass up the chance to attend an event that excuses me wearing a genuinely weird hat, butmy price range is closer to 'cost of glue sticks and contents of recycling can' than to these magnificent objects. My favorite of all is this ballsy bridal headpiece. Think of the dress you'd have to wear to justify sweeping into your ceremony with that on your head!
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Meerkats! (They're on the "Babies" page on his site)
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Wow these are epic! I do love the infestation ones. But *standing ovation* look at these carnivorous plants
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Love ❤️- thank you for posting!
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