"WARNING: this thread gets very very silly."
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University of Bonn research assistant Erik Wade informs us of a hitherto little-known clade:
Thread: everyone knows that medieval art is filled with snails fighting knights, but there's actually a whole medieval snail ecology and society, from snail-birds to snail-monks. And, ofc, snail-cats.
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And 1st-edition AD&D’s legendary Flail Snail. [real]
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this is awesome! I love illuminated manuscripts and I love silliness.

seriously tho: its fascinating to try to get inside the mind of these medieval artists. like why the fixation on snailnimals? there is so much straight up weirdness in medieval art. I wish it were possible to have some insight into what it meant and how these images were inspired. (mushrooms??)
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If Snailfolk are not a playable race in D&D I demand they become available
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"WARNING: this thread gets very very silly snaily."

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If Snailfolk are not a playable race in D&D I demand they become available

I've read Uzumaki, snailfolk are OP.
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Or.....whatever this is?

Note the zippers along the beak and across the forehead - I think this is a snail wearing a bird costume.
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Snail is a memento mori metaphor.
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Margisnailia previously.
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This made my day.
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So there is a project to cross-stitch the entire Torah, and illuminate it like a medieval manuscript.

His bit is not sewn in yet, but I am so proud to say that my SO designed and stitched a little Knight fighting a Snail for the project, so that it can continue in this tradition.
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Snails are an easy doodle. If you make half the animal a snail, then you don't have to draw legs- just a spiral.
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I love this. Snails are the only thing I have ever been able to reliably doodle in my life, and for many years they were a significant icon of my life.
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I feel the connection of a strong tradition carried over the ages to the present day in Gaston the bug/dog in Ben & Hollyʻs Little Kingdom, a cartoon show which gets very very silly in the most wonderful way.
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I really need someone to design me a snailcat tattoo.
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