“I can’t wait to get back to the shop again and blow things up.”
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"And the way [the pastor] spoke it wasn’t just ‘Okay, let’s go to Hymn 9:43 and pray.’ It was all, ‘Wow!’ The PA system had subwoofers, so not only are you hearing the words in the worship songs, you’re feeling them in your chest. There was haze and lights, so you have the visual. And for the worship songs, instead of looking down in a book, the [lyrics] are up on the video boards onstage, and I can sing along and watch. All these things together were amplifying the message.

There's a strain of thought that says pro sports are part of America's "civic religion" and this passage really brought home to me the way it influence regular religion. I guess it's not too much different than the huge spectacles of ancient Roman public religion of Second Temple–era Judaism, but just with more technological oomph. I guess also that's what massive church organs in cathedrals were, too.
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Then there was the Bratzooka, another giggle-friendly Scheel creation in the form of a one-off (for now) Gatling gun-style sausage shooter attached to a massive BBQ grill, firing off a dozen warm bratwursts at Bucks fans in five seconds

Oh Milwaukee. Never change.
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I am proud to be able to say that I have caught, and eaten, a brat from the Bratzooka. They go all the way up to the cheap seats. Fear the Deer!
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Young MC is now 52.
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