Tituss Burgess and an Ode to 45
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Tituss Burgess (of Kimmy Schmidt and Pinot Noir fame) has released a video for his song 45. (Video. Lyrics.) The video features actor Daniel J. Watts, an empty mansion, Tituss in a straight jacket, and some weird eye makeup.

The song is the first single from his upcoming album, Saint Tituss.
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I feel like there ought to be a whole musical built around this song...
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The part where Tituss is calmly and earnestly assuring us that we're the cure, of that he is sure? But, see, he's in a tiny low-ceilinged room and wearing a straight jacket and he's utterly alone?

That's exactly how I feel all the time.
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That chorus though, love love love it
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Honestly, I don't know if I fully grok the overall message here--or perhaps I'm just too cynical to accept it at face value--but Tituss Burgess so it's a yes from me.
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This is a fantastic song. As a summer pop hit in 2019 it has everything from the beat to the hook to the feature...just everything.

But watching his I just can't help but be reminded of the lyrics from another song:

Remember the war against Franco?

That's where each of us belongs.

Though he may have won all the battles

We had all the good songs

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Oh that's so good, rbj! I'm so glad you linked it!
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