Fly me to the Moon please. Right now.
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My mother won a ticket to the Moon. In 1969 Mrs Anna Dabbs won a ticket for a flight to the Moon. She never got to go. Her son, journalist Alastair Dabbs, conducts a hard-hitting investigation in which he names names. Reputations are ruined. History is set straight. (SLRegister)
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This journalist donated his “First Moon Flights” Club card to the collection of the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum.
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That was a little defeatist of him.
I prefer Mrs Dabbs' attitude.
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Pssh. I wouldn't be surprised if Don Draper and one of his Mad Men advertising cronies were behind this.
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Ticket to the Moon
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Reminds me of The Lazlo Letters. When she couldn't get the tickets, or cash, she should have pushed for them to record and distribute her just-written Pan Am Moon song, or paint her face on the side of the shuttle.
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