Under the sea
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Amazing photographs! Couldn't figure out the scale on most of them but fascinating nonetheless.
Thank you Little Dawn - great post.
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Ooh ooh ooh thanks for all the lovely nudibranchs!
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Cheers! Do check out the sexy shrimp, the squid, the wunderpus, the sea angels, the paper nautilus, and seahorses! Every "subject" is clickable and leads to a gallery of similar creatures! And then there's jelly fish prey, which stands alone, at least for now.
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And yes, there are currently 2906 lovely nudibranchs!

posted by Little Dawn at 10:14 PM on July 21, 2019

Thanks, the images are so amazing! Last week, my daughter and I went to Varadero to do some snorkling in the coral reef. We have seen beautiful fish, and it is definitely worth seeing them in person. While we asked our guide if there were sharks on site, he told us that the water was too hot for them; we are then reassured. This weekend, I come across an experimental research website that implements traceable chips on various marine animals, including large white sharks. I notice that one of their specimens is currently in Varadero, near where we are going to swim. And it's only those who are traceable!

Regardless, I invite you to visit this website, which shows us all their animals in real time on a map. The specimens are even identified according to their sex, age, maturity, size and they even have a name! I spent hours getting to know the different specimens. Ocearch: https://www.ocearch.org/tracker/?list
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