Devotion to the "public interest"
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China forced one horror game publisher to close, but the whole region felt it (Rock Paper Shotgun). Devotion, a highly-rated Taiwanese horror game launched in February was discovered to contain off-handed derisive references to China’s President, Xi Jinping. A firestorm of criticism ensued, and its effects are still smouldering...
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It's a shame. I watched a streamer named CohhCarnage play through this in the brief time that it was available, and it was a layered and creepy story. (Also surprisingly graphic near the end, so if you do decide to watch it, be warned.)
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This is so sad. I guess they're trying to wait for the media storm to die down, but I hope Red Candle re-releases Devotion eventually.

The problem with Chinese netizens is that you're never sure who's a legit person commenting with their own opinions and who's a member of the fifty-cent army (government-backed internet trolls). I could totally believe that they'd review-bomb anyone who dared to support Red Candle.

One thing that the article didn't mention is that along with sex, violence and ghosts, China is vociferously against any kind of LGBT content. There was the danmei writer jailed for self-publishing gay novels, and Weibo almost banned LGBT content this year (fortunately, there was enough pushback that they had to stop).
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Earlier this year, the PRC ordered a Chinese printing company to destroy the completed print run of an RPG book.
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