Benny and Jenny, they were called, when they were little.
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Jill Lepore, professor of American History at Harvard, wrote about Jane Franklin, and her mother. (In October, 2013, Lepore’s “Book of Ages: The Life and Opinions of Jane Franklin” was published; it would become a National Book Award for Nonfiction finalist, and was ranked one of the best books of the year on rosters from The Boston Globe to NPR to The New York Times to Time magazine.)

h/t Mysticle Listicle whose AskMe question is what sent me to this essay, by way of this other essay which includes a lot of discussion with Jill Lepore about her essay
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I found this essay the same way, and adored it. It's a special treat to read it and then to read the companion essay which pulls back the curtain and lets you see some of the conscious editorial and writerly choices that underpin such a moving piece.
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Poor Jane's Almanac (the nyt essay referenced)
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