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“But the most important stories that will gradually be yielded from these materials will concern the looting of public resources, which institutions across the West have continued to facilitate despite the incalculable damage that results to entire populations. In 2016 Bullough summarized the Yanukovych affair – and much else – as follows: “If it was difficult for a Brit to discover that a registered address at 29 Harley Street was meaningless, it was even harder for a Ukrainian… investigative journalists in Kiev could see that a piece of state-owned land in a forest outside the capital had been illegally privatised, but they did not know who by.” This London Firm Helps The Wealthy Hide Assets - Or Steal Them. Thankfully We Have 15 Years Of Their Client Communications
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Doing the Lord's work. Hope these guys are being careful. This kind of reporting is how you get killed by oligarchs.
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Brown links to the Guardian's 2016 story, Offshore in central London: the curious case of 29 Harley Street, which includes this bit of understatement: "There is nothing illegal in this but some have used this address for improper purposes." It's quite a read.
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Barrett Brown is a national treasure and is no stranger to physical consequences to his reporting.
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That Guardian article is wild.
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