Nice Tall Glass of Weinstein and Kumquat Trees
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JaboOody Dubs has been kicking around the internet for a while. Previously noted in metafilter comments for old-school bite-size Billy Mays, Anthony Sullivan, and other informercial dubs. There are dozens. But what do comedy dubbers and Youtube personalities with so much time on their hands do when they're not doing infomercials? Endless game playthroughs, MST3K-style B-movie riffs, and this delightful gem, a brutal 7-hour deconstruction of Super Seducer, which is "the world’s most realistic seduction simulator" by "renowned seduction guru Richard La Ruina", who gets his just desserts here. And then another 5 hours of Super Seducer 2. So if you like cathartically cringing for 12 hours at the cringiest PUA creep on earth, this is for you. NOT SAFE FOR WORK, children, non-fans of depressingly stupid manchild humor, or anyone really.
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Their best stuff imho is related to GTA 5 role-playing. They have some of the funniest and engaging rp out there, especially when they team up with people like miltontpike1 to play dungeons & dragons.
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Man, I really want to like that Super Seducer video, because I am always down for dunking on the pick up artist community, but Twitch is just poison for entertainment. What if every minute or so we interrupted the flow of the show to yell some random name what gave us money?
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