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What a sensational day to transport industrial equipment. These fellas on the boat are looking to borrow their neighbor's excavator.
Many more reviews in the same Australian style.
Previously (by me? - Can't find the link).
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I, too, wish my neighbours had an excavator.
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Cheers! These are fun.
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"Come with me,
and you'll be
in a world of OSHA violations"

(see also)
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I laughed a lot more than I expected and I really needed that. Thank you!
posted by hat_eater at 5:35 AM on July 28, 2019

This is fantastic, and you are the best person on the internet today for posting it!
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I laughed out loud several times , thank you so much for posting!

My favorite part was "There was no black and white sign with the weight limit posted. It's not the excavator driver's fault, there was no sign!"
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I look at things like that and say wow, there's a point of No Return that so many people watched happen that they didn't notice was a point, and everything after that is just HOW the boat and excavator sink, not IF.

People are bad at risk assessment. Very bad.

(I didn't find it funny. I found it more like some bro cracking wise about other people's misfortune. Kind of unpleasant. "Look at these idiots!" Nah.)
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(see also https://www.reddit.com/r/OSHA/)

And plenty more on /r/CatastrophicFailure/
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Funny, but slightly uncomfortable laughing at others mistakes. I've been there, even if not on that scale.

Last night, I drove into a shop car park and waited to pick up one of my kids. When he arrived I'd lost the car key... in the car. We spent 30 mins stripping everything out of the car, into the car park, searching for the key. After we found it and drove away, I said "I wonder if we will end up on security footage, and tomorrow someone will be laughing and showing their friends".
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The trick is to make peace with your appearance on the security footage.
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What I find funny is the commentary, not the videos. I mean, come on.
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Kind of unpleasant. "Look at these idiots!" Nah.

It's actually: "Crikey! Look at these idiots!"

Completely different.
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You don't get to tell anyone else what to find offensive.
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My son got anexcavator-type toy in a lootbag yesterday and this morning he was asking if it could fall into a hole it made. I told him that it was something that could happen.
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I was living in Canowindra a few years back when there was a lot of flooding, and one day after the Belubula rose enough to cut us off to the south, it was so dammed with logs and trees that some fool decided to drive a some excavator variant onto the dam in order to facilitate removal of the blockage.

The next day there was considerably less blockage, but the excavator was also taking a little dip right in the middle of the waterway.
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