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The New York Public Library blog presents the literary tattoos of NYPL staff. Featuring Roald Dahl's Matilda, a photorealistic depiction of Franz Kafka, Patience (or possibly Fortitude) the lion, and more.
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Also, that is really not how I interpreted Shel Silverstein's poem "The Mustn'ts," which I always took to be about the hypocrisy of grown-ups who pretended that you could be whatever you want to be while training you to limit your ideas about what's acceptable, not about how you really could be whatever you wanted to be.
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This is great, thanks for the post. "Words are life" may not be true but that sentiment resonates with me at this moment.
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My partner and I just saw this at breakfast and it instantly made us smile. Thank you for posting.
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"[Kafka] is now joined on my arm by ODB and Robocop to signify the holy trinity of literature, music, and cinema."

I understand this article focusing on the literary portion but we all clearly need to see the entire trinity here!

Anyway, this is great!
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i have multiple literary tattoos, and it was only after the last one that I realized they were all from authors who killed themselves. Oops.
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Love the card catalog one.
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These are great!

For further lit-inspired tats, there's Literary Ink on Instagram (although you have to look hard for anything other than Harry Potter!).
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Was expecting at any moment to read that one of these people leads a punk band called "Negative Capability"
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Mallevs Maleficarvm would look super cool on the calves.
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I love these! The shield/sword/spear quote is beautiful
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