All Access at the ballpark in Oakland
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I am a season ticket holder so very excited to see this working for them! It was pretty different when it was first proposed so glad it's been successful. I hope a lot of this will transfer over to the much hyped theoretical new stadium. It's pretty fantastic to spend less than 40 dollars on beers and food at a game. I went to Oracle last week to watch the Giants play and there's a beer option there that costs 20 bucks. Really put into relief how nice it's been.
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> with the largest drops in Toronto

I usually go to a couple of Jays games a year, and while I generally enjoy them I wouldn't want to be in charge of trying to entice casual fans to attend games featuring a lousy team in a cavernous, personality-free stadium* where even crappy beer costs over ten bucks and everything else is similarly overpriced.

* which, to be fair, is extremely easy to get to and does have nice views of the CN Tower if the dome is open
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As someone living in Boston, the idea that the baseball park wouldn't be full to capacity every game is wild to me. (I'm not even a baseball person, but Fenway is always crazy-full.)
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True but to be fair, Fenway is the fourth smallest baseball park, in terms of seating capacity.
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The Twins are doing the same standing-room subscription thing (though I don't think it comes bundled with seats?). It's such a tempting idea to be able to pop in for a few innings on my way home from work anytime I want. Just my luck that the team is actually performing this year, making it a much less casual affair.
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Interesting too that the coliseum expands up to 56k which is huge for baseball standards. It can definitely feel cavernous as well on Tuesday night games in May when it's not even a third full of the current 47k capacity.
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With 50% off concessions, the Coliseum is the best value for your beer-drinking and stadium-food-eating dollar in Oakland these days. Plus you get to see a baseball game!
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As someone living in Boston, the idea that the baseball park wouldn't be full to capacity every game is wild to me.

The Coliseum is frelling enormous. Even when the As are doing well, there's a ton of empty space.

My niece and her BF have the All-Access tickets, and they are clearly having a fun summer with them.
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turbowombat: " Plus you get to see a baseball game!"

Well, if you call that baseball...

[Go Giants!]
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Not so coincidentally, the four teams with the biggest drops are just terrible. Even with the Giants just slightly over .500, it’s the wrong year for Even Year Bullshit.

Well, if you call that baseball...

Looking forward to the Giants buying this trade deadline, just to not make it to the Wildcard and to lose Will Smith and Bumgarner to free agency.
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sideshow: "Even with the Giants just slightly over .500"

This is eliding the comeback story of this midseason
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The half-off concessions bring it into the realm of reasonable, and the food is dramatically improved this year. They've got Impossible Burgers, boba tea, just overall a lot more variety. The A's aren't my team, and I've really enjoyed the dividends of being able to sit in the front row for $100 a seat, literally, but if they can fill seats and make more money, more power to them. I just worry, for the long term, about all this emphasis on the die-hard fan. You have to have cable to watch the games instead of seeing them on the big 3/4 networks. You have to have a season ticket to get affordable food. There's nothing for the casual fan who might bring the kids once a year. I think the cheapest beer is $10? It's the Bay Area, things are pricey, but I refuse to pay that on principle.
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I think the domestics get down to $8 a beer without the discount. And price wise that's the best deal you'll find at any major sports park in the bay area. But yeah there's definitely a focus on die-hard fans in the MLB, but I worry the other option is more of a focus on a corporate experience. Look at the niners move, it pretty clearly didn't care about the die hard fan and ended up being the corporatized mess that Levi's is.
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Thanks for this; I just switched jobs and the ballpark's close enough to my new employer that I could reasonably go after work much more often. Some kind of subscription plan would work! Just need a reasonably-priced and flexible way to watch the game somewhere closer than the outfield bar area, preferably with a railing I can use to rest my scorecard and beer.
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I mean, beers are $8 at the single-A games I attend, so I expect at least that for MLB. Hoping the success of this flexible season model will spread to other teams/stadia.
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