The Dark History Behind "Where The Crawdads Sing"
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How much did a long-ago murder in Africa influence Delia Owens’ first novel?

"But what most of Crawdads’ fans don’t know is that Delia and Mark Owens have been advised never to return to one of the African nations where they once lived and worked, Zambia, because they are wanted for questioning in a murder that took place there decades ago. That murder, whose victim remains unidentified, was filmed and broadcast on national television in the U.S."

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The article seems hyperbolic. Mark Owens became a Colonel Kurtz? The strong suggestion is that he covered up for his son's killing of one poacher. That's hardly Kurtz.

It says the Delia Owens wouldn't or couldn't separate from her Kurtz-like husband. Maybe she believed the narrative of the story her husband told her.
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