Gunman kills one at LAX El Al terminal
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Gunman kills one at LAX El Al terminal, is killed by security personnel. Developing. Happy freakin' Fourth of July.
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Could we link to a story, please?

And whats with Drudge using blue for hyperlinks...
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I thought we were going to have a perfectly calm celebration. Luckily, something happened to justify all the media boogaboo of the last two weeks. Well, I'm sure they won't blow this completely out of proportion.
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Insomnyuk: red text, white background, blue links... I think it's his way of celebrating 4th of July.

I think drudge's a bit quick to conclude with terror, but it doesn't look good (date, El Al involved).
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Run away! Run away! Run away!

I've given up on letting moron scaremongers run my life.
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On CNN, they spoke via telephone to Yosef Bootski (cool name) who apparently witnessed the incident. He said that the shooter was shouting "I can't believe Artie Lange took my job!" I swear, that's what the caller said. The name sounded familiar, so I googled it, and it turns out that Artie Lange is a semi-successful comedian who has partnered with Norm MacDonald (TV, movie) and Howard Stern (radio). If this is true, it really is bizarre. Disgruntled job applicant opens fire at Israeli airline counter in LA? Geez.

Speaking of Drudge's page, why the heck doesn't he use a more "professional" method for updating his page? Isn't that Blogger, et al, is for?
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That was obviously a Stern prankster.
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davidmsc, are you serious? wow. if this *is* disgruntled job weirdness, my faith in the randomness of the world has just been reinforced times infinity.
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U.S. celebrates first Fourth after 9/11

2 die
in Gaza city explosions

2 dead, 2 wounded in LA airport shooting

African plane crash kills 20

what else is going on this fourth of july, and does it have a connection with the number 2??

happy freakin fourth y'all
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donkeyschlong, Megosteve is right. Seems CNN always falls for Stern pranks (after the OK bombing, they patched in an idiot caller who attributed it to the "explosiveness" of Robin Given's new book, bababooey, bababooey).
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MegoSteve: D'oh...never occurred to me. That's about what we should expect from Stern & his ilk. Sorry.
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re: the Stern prank phonecall-
The caller said it was a man with a blond ponytail yelling "Artie took my job," referring to Jackie "the Joke Man" Martling (who was, in part, replaced by Artie).
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This doesn't alter my enjoyment of the fourth in the least. Of course, I'm getting married today so it would take something rather spectacular to deflate my high...
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Congrats, Rev! Now, log off the computer and say your vows!
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Hey, cool rev. Congratulations to you!
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At least there are some true patriots out there who haven't forgotten the real meaning of this holiday: shout-outs to your homies.
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Independence for America, while revbrian is giving his up...

Just kidding! Best wishes, revbrian, for a long & happy marriage.
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From a completely detached viewpoint, I think it's interesting that we've reached the point with news where one person's death is reported internationally.

Think of how many times we've heard mentions of one or two people killed in fighting in Israel. It's truly astounding how quickly information travels now.

On the other, in cities where murders are common, often a few will go unreported on the same television channels that report casualities in the Middle East. The whole thing reminds me of the "if a tree falls in the woods" koan.
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ColdChef, I can't believe you linked to me. Well, yes I can. I guess I deserve it just a little bit.

Happy Fourth of July, people - celebrate your freedom however you may.
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revbrian: Celebrating Independence Day by donning the old ball and chain? That's ironic.
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Congratulations to groom and bride, revbrian! May you and your wife be happier and happier with each passing year.

Now there is only one handsome, intelligent and hilarious bachelor on MetaFilter. :)
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"Celebrating Independence Day by donning the old ball and chain? That's ironic."

Ah, so? I was married on April Fools day about 20 yrs. ago. A good omen.
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Apparently, LA is the place today - Small Plane Crashes into LA Crowd - 6 injured. :-/
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thunder: Don't let's jump to conclusions, yet. This story suggests the pilot might have been aiming for a nearby airport
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Best wishes, revbrian :)
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So, Miguel, how long have you been married? ;-)

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RevBrian: I hope you are as happy in your marriage as I have been in mine.
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Revbrian, will the ceremony be webcast?

Of course today is a good day to be decisive... as a sidenote, Today in Rotten History notes that on Jul 4 1984, Nancy Reagan first uttered the words "Just Say No".

That's never worked for me... "Just Say Yes".
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Hey electro - I wasn't actually making any conclusions - just pointing out the connection of news events happening in L.A. today. I pretty much assumed it was an accidental thang. :-)
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Now there is only one handsome, intelligent and hilarious bachelor on MetaFilter. :)

Oh, Miguel, you are making me blush!
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That small plane crash would not have even made the news had it happened yesterday, or not in LA. Those kinds of things happen all the time in those small private airports. Those little twin props going down, the pilot can level the descent.

We had a deadly one in Cincinnati not but a couple years ago. Didn't make front-page news, if I recall, and I know it didn't make national headlines.
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revbrian: you know you aren't alone in your activities today, right?

You're lucky. All I heard about the day I got married was that skank from Friends getting married the day before. Hopefully this is a big secret to your guests! (: All the best to you today and every day.
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Yeah, my cat died today actually. I'm going to blame terrorists.
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I love it. Getting married, and stopping by the Filter. Godspeed!
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My 7th anniversary was monday. July is a good time to get married :) Let me tell you, Rev, married life is [long semi-coherent ramble on the nature of married life expurgated. -ed] so congratulations and godspeed!
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If I get cold feet when my wedding day comes this fall, I'll make sure to check in here and get a confidence booster.

(of course, I'll expect all of you single types to try to talk me out of it, too. good luck to both sides.)
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Thank you all.
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posted by ColdChef at 10:01 AM on July 5, 2002 is reporting that the gunman is connected to a group responsible for the downing of Egypt Air 990.
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Hey, PP! Back on topic!
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