“globally unique monuments to Victorian science and culture”
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Palaeoartist and palaeontologist Mark Witton was asked by the Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs charity to write notes about the various statues of extinct animals, only four of which are dinosaurs, in London’s Crystal Palace Park. Witton fleshed these notes out in a series of four blog posts where he shares his findings and thoughts about the mid-19th century depictions by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins of ancient, long-gone animals, and the scientific understanding at the time. Part 1: Marine reptiles, Dicynondon and "Labyrinthodons". Part 2: Teleosaurus, Pterosaurs and Mosasaurus. Part 3: Megalosaurus, Hylaeosaurus and Iguanodon. Part 4: The Mammals of the Tertiary Island. [Mark Witton previously: 1, 2]
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This is fantastic, thanks for posting.
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Really enjoying these.
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I'm really enjoying the blog posts.
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