Banana Hill 2 Character Contest: Enter the WoobWorldz
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Banana Hill is a goodlarious cartoon about food, a zany misunderstanding and 90's-era technology. Its sequel, which will go heavy on the 90's-era technology by way of an online virtual world, is in progress, but its background character designs need YOUR help! As was done twice with the first episode, a contest is being held for retro virtual world avatar designs, at least some of which will be featured in the episode. Anything goes, but the aesthetic smacks of, Active Worlds, and the aesthetic of Hypnospace Outlaw. Hard-and-fast rules: None (multiple submissions were allowed last time and probably this time too). Deadline: August 29th.

Banana Hill 2 is not to be confused with the official YouTube Poop collab of Banana Hill 1, Banana Hill 2. Banana Hill 2 2 has been promised.
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I feel like my eyes were puréed and then panfried and… Wow, thanks for posting!
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Ugh, the link should go here.
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