Wild Pups Romp Again in an African Paradise
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Wild dogs have returned to the famed Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique. The first puppy litters were not far behind. (slnyt)

Last summer, not long after releasing a pioneer pack of 14 African wild dogs into Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park as part of an ambitious wildlife restoration effort, Paola Bouley went to see for herself what in the name of Canis major could have happened to the wild dog pups.

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i love them i want 100
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Fat headed little BABIES!
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love those ears
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I love how tolerant they were of Nhamagaia, the beta female who broke her leg and then went and got pregnant, as I am clearly the Nhamagaia of my immediate family and have benefited from similar magnanimity. They are terrifying monsters, but good dogs also.
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Awesome! Wild Dogs are incredible and have such amazing social structures.

My four year old has a game where he will suddenly declare that he has The Power of The Wild Dog Pack. That is the signal that I have to pretend to be a sick or old water buffalo, zebra, or other creature grazing on all fours on the floor. He then will proceed to pounce on me several times until I fall over and become a carcass (or carco as he calls it) that the pack is clearing from the land - because they are good community helpers. It’s marginally preferable to when he plays leopard power, and tries to drag me up the nearest tree (which means me climbing the tree so that he can say he dragged my carcass up there).
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You need to teach him alligator power so you can roll around the floor and then get stuff under some furniture [all underwater]
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Adorably cute!
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African wild dogs used to be horribly persecuted by people partly because people did not think their method of killing was as noble as how lions kill. Wildlife "experts" even disregard them and even advised to exterminate them.
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You need to teach him alligator power

Oh I get to be a crocodile sometimes, but mostly after he declares he is now a Jaguar pouncing on a crocodile in the Amazon. This mostly happens at public swimming pools about one second before he jumps in - claws out - onto me.

Maybe I should foster Wild Dogs instead.
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OMG the adorable little white-dipped tails!
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Oh fuck this guy.
In 1914, British big game hunter R.C.F. Maugham wrote: "It will be an excellent day for African game and its preservation when means can be devised for [the African Wild Dog's] complete extermination."
From RuvaBlue's link.
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"Inexcusably cute" is quite an understatement.
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They're good wild dogs, Brent.
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I love them!

They always remind me of a time in high school, when I went to the local zoo that had just revealed new painted puppies in their baby animals nursery. Each room had a glass wall so the visitors could see them from the outside. So, being a slow winter day with no one around, I jumped into a crouch at one end of the window to get their attention, and then I ran the length of it to have them chase. And then ran the other way. And they chased again and tripped over themselves in puppy wiggles.

Best couple of minutes I've ever had in a zoo
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Lovely puppies! This reminds me that I should probably make an FPP on the arctic fox restoration here in Norway. Similar reported successes, and similar cuteness levels in the puppies.
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YES please do that immediately
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Your wish is my command!
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