'I am really shy'
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I read this yesterday and was absolutely charmed and touched. but I don't believe in the kayfabe tho. I've been 5' and 7st and ... hmm. But is the audience meant to believe in it? Or just enjoy a good story?

But very athletic and skillful! I hope she opens lots of doors and gets immense respect.
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In other hijab wearing firsts news, last week Khadijah Mellah became the first person to wear a hijab in a UK horse race. She also became the first person to win a UK race while wearing a hijab. She hadn't ridden a horse before April. Interest has been substantial.
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This is fantastic!
The support she has had from the wrestling community has made it easier to cope with the backlash aimed at her online, mainly on Facebook, from more conservative quarters, with comments on morality or calling her a slut and a whore. Nor sighs deeply as she discusses the “horrible, really bad personal comments” she has to endure. “There has been quite a big backlash, people telling me that hijab girls should not be doing extreme sports and I should not train with guys because it was shameful,” says Nor. “It is hard for me because I am with my phone 24/7 and you can’t help but scroll through all the comments.”

“But actually they fuel my fire,” she adds. “If I had listened to those voices when I started I wouldn’t be where I am now. So I use their words as motivation to train more, to prove to these people that being a hijab girl should not stop me, that I have something here I know I can do well – no matter what they say.”
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I've mentioned elsewhere how my society is full of assholes who won't be happy even if you're wearing a hijab if you do it 'incorrectly' and still want to live your best life. This is one example. Good for her! Our wrestling scene is rly tiny and nascent, but I only wish for good things for her (which doesn't include being used up by McMahon Entertainment).
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I occasionally see posts from my Malaysian friends about gymnasts being berated for revealing their "aurat"; then there are those posts from my Indonesian friends about the increasing pressure to wear hijab even when they don't want to. I'm an outsider with no skin in the game, but I imagine Islamic conservatism must be challenging to navigate for progressive locals.
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So excellent-I love this. More tiny wrestlers!
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