The Scam-Baiting Art of Kitboga
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Kitboga is the streamer who exposes callcenter scammers. Over the years, he's role-played at Edna, Nevaeh, Chad and others characters pretending to fall victim to scammers but ultimately exposing them on live streams. Like today's stream where Kitboga played two characters in conversation, "drove" to Walmart Walgreens and discovered that Edna had a totally not fabricated grandson who lives in... Idaho, New York. Enjoy his best clips and Youtube channel. Obviously there's a remix or two to listen to.
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I watch his stuff on YouTube sometimes. He's got a great sense of improv and I love all of the stuff his "Edna" character says. He has a machine that changes his voice, but coming up with authentic speech mannerisms that fit the character takes work and talent.

I recommend YouTube rather than Twitch as he sometimes manages to stay on the phone with scammers for 3 hours at a time, and the YouTube videos are edited down to be entertaining.

A lot of scam-baiters just seem like they're playing cruel pranks on poor people who are just trying to make a meager living working for criminals, but Kitboga seems like his ultimate goal is finding out the details of the scams and educating people about them, so he definitely has saved a ton of people from being scammed.
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I was ready to hate this, but the first video in his "best of" collection is (spoiler alert, I guess?) a scammer who has taken over his machine, clicking through to a folder called "nudes" and then finding that it contains a bunch of pictures of naked mole rats.

11/10, would scam-bait again.
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He's the best of the baitscammers.
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I've really enjoyed a few of Jim Browning's videos.
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I love this guy. I’ve listened to hours of it on long drives and it keeps me cracking up. You also end up learning a lot about the scammers and how they work. His characters are broad but suited to the medium. Also seconding YouTube, I have no idea what twitch even is.
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