Constellations from Around the World
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Eleanor Lutz (July 29, 2019): "To make this map I used data from Stellarium, an open-source planetarium software ... Some of my favorite constellations were the Stars of Water, Rabbit Tracks, and the Hippopotamus, and I also really liked the star names The Oath Star, Lady of Life, and The Hand of the Mouse." Image. Source code. See also Lutz's ongoing series of maps covering Mercury, Martian topography, Martian geology, the Solar System, and more. Lutz previously. Stellarium previously.
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The star map is very cool, and her total body of work is amazing! Everybody should check out the previously if they missed it the first time around like I did.
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Also this old FPP about knitting with astronomical data is fun.
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I also started putting together a submission about Eleanor's work after she began her latest series of illustrations, but I kept holding off to see if her next post would be even cooler – and it always was :) These are wonderful, thanks for sharing. You can buy many of these designs printed on things too. I bought a poster for an astronomer friend who just got awarded her first big early-career research grant!

Also seconding that all her previous work is gorgeous, well worth a look for anyone who appreciates science + design.
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I absolutely love this, but either I'm bad at spotting things or it's missing a few of the western labels. (Aries, Capricorn, Scorpius, Sagittarius, Corona Australis, Delphinus, Sagitta, Ursa Minor, Vulpecula, and Monoceros may be labelled as Canis Minor. Could be wrong, I'm not exactly an astronomy buff.)

Still deeply want one of the large posters. Might just take a gel pen in the appropriate color and write the possibly missing ones in...
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