"Nudie Suits and bedazzled rhinestone and fringe."
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(Peck's fringe masks remind me of...) Don't hug me, I'm scared.
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I couldn't put my finger on it, but then from the interview link:

...And then, I have like Hank Williams fans who are in their 80s — and they come with their wives and they tell me that I sing like Roy Orbison.

And yeah, he reminds me quite a bit of Orbison. Thanks for posting this.
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Bless KEXP's weird eclectic musical selections. You really can hear it all on that station in one day. Turns out not being corporately owned is really great!
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I saw Orville Peck back in May at Barboza in Seattle, with Lavender Country as an opener to boot. Fantastic show by both acts. Patrick Haggerty, the founder and lead singer of Lavender Country was a hoot. He's a great storyteller and some of the anecdotes he shared of how he and folks he knew were treated by their families back when he was coming of age as a gay man in the 50's and 60's were incredibly eye opening. And unfortunately very sad at the same time. He mentioned how supportive his parents were (like letting him wear whatever he wanted wherever he wanted) versus men he knew getting thrown out of their parent's homes in the snow at Christmas for being gay.

Orville Peck has a fantastic voice and incredible stage presence. The gorgeous clothes and masks don't hurt either! He came out in one outfit to do a song with Lavender Country and then had a whole 'nother fantastic get up on for his set. The band he's touring with was cracking as well. If you get a chance to see them soon, I would suggest without reservation that you do so. Folks who have been to Barboza know that it's like seeing a show in your friends tiny basement (one article suggests a 200 person capacity) so I'm sure the next time he plays Seattle it'll be a much larger venue.

Great post!
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Thank you for sharing this. I'm still reeling from David Berman's passing, and this has been so great to listen to today. In addition to Roy Orbison, I hear a Calvin Johnson/Beat Happening influence. Too bad his SF show is sold out. I'll definitely have to catch him next time he comes around.
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That was great. It is interesting how quickly I went from being distracted by the mask to just really enjoying the music and not thinking about the mask at all. Great voice, interesting lyrics.
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His masks seem like junior versions of Magnhild Kennedy's work.
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Just want to point out the eponyminity of "mandolin conspiracy" posting about a masked country music star...
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Mmmmm, yesss lots of Julee Cruise "Floating Into The Night" vibes and also Roy Orobison, and that's a good good thing. Thanks for sharing!
And thank you, dobbs, for the link to Magnhild Kennedy-- that is fabulous.
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Friends from work had an extra ticket for that Brooklyn show back in April so I was lucky to go. I hadn't heard much of Peck up to that point but wow that was a good show. Unfortunately both of the upcoming dates this fall are sold out, otherwise I'd try to round up some people to go again.
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h/t to Toronto Mefite peagood, who mentioned him to me at a meetup, sending me down a rabbit hole. I just managed to score tickets to his show in Toronto in December.

dobbs - those masks are really cool. Thanks.
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I feel like there's also a soupçon of Chris Isaak and a dash of Stephin Merritt in there somewhere too.
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