Flute and Shoot
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Lizzo performs at NPR's Tiny, tiny, little-ass Desk

Pitchfork: Lizzo's 10 best flute videos
The Ron Burgundy Jazz Flute Throwdown: Challenge | Acceptance | Domination
and the mind-boggling Flute and Shoot
(Article pre-dates Lizzo's fire BET Awards performance of Truth Hurts)
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Oops, forgot to include the full Flute and Shoot Bye Bitch remix.
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She,s amazing
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I am beyond in love with this tiny desk concert. Probably the best one I have ever seen. It was flawless. Her charisma is a force of nature. The flute solo!!!!! The banter about the baby was beautiful, and then of course, the beautiful truth bomb, "If you can love me, you can love yourself."
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If Bessie Smith was re-incarnated, she would come back as Lizzo. Great performance
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That Tiny Ass Desk Concert is now my favorite Lizzo performance so far!
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Coachella's inconsistent sound system did her dirty this year - glad to hear this live recording go so much more smoothly! In addition to Lizzo's stellar voice, the drums sound especially great and lively throughout. And that flute! This sparks joy.
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In addition to Lizzo's stellar voice, the drums sound especially great and lively throughout. And that flute!

Agreed, the arrangement of this set is on point. I love the album production and her backing track on stage is fantastic, but these guys fit her big moves into a tight little groove that is a perfect contrast to Lizzo's loosey, goosey, juicy mastery.
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So joyous!
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We need more flute solos.
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Ask and ye shall receive Sasha.
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I recently started listening to her, so this is timely! Thanks!
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As a nonbinary person, it made me very happy when she was introducing "Truth Hurts" and said "N*s ain't shit sometimes. Bitches ain't shit sometimes too. And all the non-conforming genders in between, you can all be ain't shit too."
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I don't know how those tiny ass concerts are lit, but the decision for the band to wear black or grey and for her to wear bright orange feels like there's a big ass spotlight on her. And I love it.
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That orange neon!!! I am here for Lizzo. I even happier, because I heard some of my white, Australian female students playing her on the bus on an excursion this week, and they are digging this woman SO hard.
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