PyOhio 2019
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PyOhio is a volunteer-run, free-to-attend regional Python (computer programming language) conference. Their 2019 edition recently took place, and the talk videos have started to pop up on Youtube. Here are some of the talks that stand out to me as relevant to anyone, not just Python coders (though the presentation will resonate more if you are in tech):

If you are deeper into the programming world, then don't worry -- they had several tracks dedicated to Python software at this regional Python conference. [declaration of personal interest: I attended PyOhio 2019 and it was awesome; also I am friends with Kattni on discord]
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Thanks for posting this, the antecedent of that pronoun! I haven't been to PyOhio but I am friends with the program chair and I'm glad you had a great time.

People who like these videos and want more: there are tons of videos from Python conferences tagged and searchable at PyVideo.
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PyOhio is a great conference! I unfortunately wasn't able to go this year and I hadn't gotten around to searching for session videos, so thanks for posting!
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Any way to get transcripts of these talks?
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Awesome! I just started learning Python and the community is so wonderful. Very friendly and helpful to new people. It's great, I'm hooked on that and the language. Anyone else newly learning? I'm doing it so I can start doing data analysis.
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Python is terrific, it is the fastest and least frustrating route to learning to make "real software," whatever that might be, in the current day, and I look forward to looking through these talks!
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OnTheLastCastle, have you checked out Data Carpentry's lessons, which might help you out?

meaty shoe puppet: sorry if what I'm about to say is redundant and you already know it! PyOhio is a pretty low-budget volunteer-run conference and, as far as I know, does not currently provide realtime or post-event transcription. If you're willing to pay for someone to transcribe any/all of the talks, those services exist -- I can recommend one via Ask or MeMail.

Free options: I've sometimes had luck contacting a speaker and asking for their slides & notes/script. Otherwise, your best bet might be to use Amara's Deaf & HoH email list to request captions for the videos.

(Speaking of transcripts of Python-specific audio, I do want to mention that the Python podcasts Talk Python To Me and Python Bytes have transcripts -- example.)
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I have not, thank you. I have some free/cheap resources that seem really good. I like Mike Driscoll's work after seeing him on the learnpython reddit tagged then coming in and being really kind and helpful.

His book is on here and you can get a copy free or buy it. And he has a class listed that walks through it all for $29. And I paid for Python Principles last week but so far it's just meh, it's very basic and not teaching me much even as I'm new.
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This is very neat and cool but I'm definitely going to by mumbling "PyOhio" to myself under my breath for at least the rest of this week.
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brainwane: I totally understand. Thought I'd ask, in case I was wrong. Luckily for me, I am able to hear. I just hate receiving information that way.
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