Alef knows That a thread Of a story Stitches together A wound.
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For the bibliophiles: - Let's explore Palestinian writing.
At the Intersection of Dystopia and Technology in Palestinian Life, The Surreal, Virtual Worlds of Palestinian Science Fiction.
Marcello di Cinto, author of ‘Pay No Heed to the Rockets,’ recommends novels and memoirs by Palestinian writers. "Over the course of many trips to the region, I’ve long wanted to write a different story about Palestinians — something outside the narrative of anger and loss.

No Ordinary Place: Writers and Writing in Occupied Palestine and The City and the Writer: A Literary Map of Palestinian Writers.
Arablit had an old list and here is a slightly outdated list of Palestinian female writers.
2019 Palestine Book awards shortlist.
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Looking forward to reading some of these recommendations. I think the first link is written by Bhakti Shringarpure, and not di Cintio? Shringarpure describes the anthology Palestine + 100 edited by Basma Ghalayini, a translator and scholar from Gaza:
consists of 12 stories translated from the Arabic and features established Palestinian writers imagining Palestine in the year 2048, which is 100 years after the Nakba. The Nakba, literally “catastrophe,” refers to the horrifying events of 1948 when Palestinians were forcibly expelled from their land, this “bloodied night” marking their descent into the “map of absence,” as poet Mahmoud Darwish wrote. Can this map of absence be redrawn in ways that offer not only solace and peace, but a livable, viable, breathable future for Palestinians?
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correction requested
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This is awesome. Thank you.
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Wow, that first link is fantastic. Book ordered. And the recommendations in the "anger and loss" link all sound fascinating. Looking forward to reading the others. Thanks for this primer, adamvasco.
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