Who am I next to the moon?
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"I was waiting for a moment alone / Sat beside you when you got home / I took a breath and you took out your phone / So I just did the same / I just did the same." A poignant, beautiful music video for Lauren O'Connell's song "Shimmering Silver" from her 2018 album Details.

"Well if it's better that way / You'd be the first to say so / Maybe I wasn't so sure / But it doesn't matter who shot first / It's not about what anyone deserves." "Every Space," from the 2012 album Quitters.

"The stars don’t care if you’re looking or not / Don’t waste your time if it don’t lift you up / There is so much else..." "Superimposed," Details.

"Yeah, holding on is just part of letting go / That's what you said when you left town / But I'm afraid that on my worst day / I'll go myself and I will burn that fucker down." "I Will Burn You Down," Quitters.

"See, I was three years old, maybe younger still / Crashed headlong into a window sill / And was surprised when I broke instead of it / That's the scar that's on my lip / That's what you're kissing when we kiss." "What Breaks (and What Doesn't)," Quitters.

"Like I was born into the feeling / I'd earned the right to act as though / We all might as well be quitters / And I'm the only one who knows..." "Build Yourself," Details.
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Thanks for the introduction. ‘Build Yourself’ is beautiful.
posted by armoir from antproof case at 10:04 PM on August 11, 2019 [1 favorite]

I just spent the last hour or so listening to her work on YouTube. Thanks for introducing me to her music.
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