Snow + Australian Wildlife = cute
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Do you want to see cute Australian animals in the snow? Australian Geographic on Twitter: "Snow covered whiskers and paws alert!" (They are a quoll, a Tasmanian devil, a potoroo and a wallaby, clockwise.) Australian Geographic on facebook: video of kangaroos bounding in the snow. [Credits: Lachlan Gilding/Aussie Ark for the photos, and Stephen Grenfell for the videos]

Excuse the excitement- it hardly ever snows here- (here being the bits of south eastern Australia that aren't the mountains that do get snow) and we've all gone a bit squee.
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video of kangaroos bounding in the snow

This must be what they mean by the Great White Hop.
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This cold weather is some fucking bullshit. I'm originally from Melbourne I thought I was okay with chilly weather. You can always add another layer of clothing I told myself, whereas when it's hot you can only take off so much. I was an idiot. Here's the real deal: when it's roasting hot you're generally hot all over it's something you feel in every part of your body, and then if you go someplace cooler you feel the relief in every part of your body or else you just get used to it and stop thinking about how hot it is. But when it's cold even when you're rugged up you'll suddenly notice that a bit of your body is cold so cold icy cold. Maybe it's your feet your arms the back of your neck. And then you have to stop whatever you were doing and fix your cold bit. And then another bit gets cold. And so on. It makes me want to crawl into bed and fucking die
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um- I believe the issue is the humidity where you are, maybe? The cold has a way of weaselling in with the damp. Thermals were my answer!
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This magpie quizzically caroling at the snow made me homesick.
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The most hilarious yet depressing thing on Twitter today is some Americans smugly opining that "global warming" isn't real because it's snowing "in the middle of summer" in Australia.

Also this reminds me of when I worked at a northern US zoo, and asked an animal "curator" about how adaptable various warm-climate species are to our winters. His smartass answer- Well, you live here, and you adapt, don't you?
(No, of course they didn't really put some animals outside as much in winter.)
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