A Swede in Rural China
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Miriam Follin is a Swede who fell in love with a Chinese man, and in the process fell in love with rural China. Her videos document her life in the forests, mountains and farm villages of Qinghai and Shaanxi provinces. They have a dreamlike quality layered on top of an intense curiosity and devotion to nature and family.

A good example of her work is how she prepares for and celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival with her family in their village. Shades of Li Ziqi.
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Thanks for this! These sorts of videos are my jam, apparently. I also studied abroad at Fudan University in Shanghai (a very long time ago) and her blog post about all the awkward meetings and the Korean friends from school (lots of Korean students at Fudan) and language barriers felt so familiar.
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So that was touching and wonderful
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I’m a total sucker for stories of intercultural love, especially involving language-learning.

My wife is Finnish and I’m Icelandic. Those two societies are a whole lot closer, geographically and culturally, than China and Sweden, but a lot hit home.
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