I've No More F***s To Give!
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With banjolele in hand, Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq. has been delivering his own brand of musical humour across the UK since 2016. His performances charm audiences with a unique mix of original material, singalong classics and a sharp vintage wardrobe. (NSFW)

Apologies in advance for writing FUCKS as F***s!
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(Not the same person as Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer)
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Oh, favourited sooo hard!
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(Nor the same person as Professor Elemental)
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...annnnnnd it's stuck in my head again. Well, it never really stopped, it's been on repeat in my head since I first heard it.
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I've unabashedly loved this since I first saw it, the outfit, beard and music just Voltron into the perfect experience.
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Now added to my How I'd Spend the Koch Bros Money in Better Ways Than They Have: paying to have Kristen Bell record this (subbing in 'fork' as necessary), and then paying to have a music video made.
(I do like some of Mr. Wild's other songs, too.)
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