alarming, in both a literal and aesthetic sense
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Circuit Bent Smoke Alarms is an album of 26 short recordings of circuit bent smoke alarms by Dylan Sheridan. For my money, call_5, call_10, and call17 are the can't miss tracks, though msg_9 is how I feel inside a lot of the time.
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That is pretty amazing. call_9 FTW!
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Would buy on 180 gram vinyl.
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I'm so excited to listen to this tonight.
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A chorus of ghostly modems, wailing in e'er unconnected digital gehenom, destined to be trapped in trap recordings, sampled forever.
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Oh how I wish I could upload my own audio files to Noisli.
My "windy coffeehouse" just isn't cutting it today.
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from the picture, "circuit bent" here means removing the audio transducer and throwing the circuit away
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I forgot I had left some Gregorian chants playing on Spotify when I took my headphones off, so adding the smoke alarms was...definitely something.
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call_5 certainly could be the basis of something.
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Haha! I love this. I wish there were more people in my life who I could send this to (that wouldn't respond with "wtf is this?")
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I don't know why this makes me happy but it does
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These are good, and only sometimes alarming.
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How Drum Buddy-ish!
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I like that they're intended to be ringtones. I think call_6 would be an ideal text alert tone in an open plan office environment.
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