The Chomsky Drop
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Gramsci was not arrested for jumping bail on sexual assault charges.
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I'll never understand why Chomsky is so much easier to read in interviews than in books. I've tried and tried to read his books, and his style is opaque to me; I can't tell when he is being ironic, or dry, or factual, and it's a slog. But his interviews are lively and fun (for some grim value of fun). Although I feel like I see Amy Goodman interviews with him every couple of minutes showing up on my various feeds, and all I can think is that she's stalking the poor man, forcing him on camera every minute of his life.
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I would like to hear his opinion of when and what the correct resolution will be of whether P equals NP.
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if we didn't have to spend so much time fighting nazis we might have cracked that P = NP problem by now.
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Thank you for the transcript!

I sure dig text.
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For anybody else wondering, these are all recent.
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Love me some Chomsky (and I listen to him frequently). Thanks for the post of some good talks!
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Good stuff. Depressing, but good.
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