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Impulse! Records is releasing a heretofore unheard set of recordings for John Coltrane made for a film project between Crescent and A Love Supreme. All but one are reworked versions of previous songs except a track called Blue World, which is pretty damn fine (SLYT). Happy Friday everybody.
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What a treat it is when “new” work by the old masters appears. Blue World is gorgeous.
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It is really remarkable how much he achieved in his short career: just ten years from his first record as a leader, to his death, at age 40, from cancer.
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The film project in question was Gilles Groulx's Le chat dans le sac (The Cat in the Bag), which can be viewed at the National Film Board of Canada website:
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Just what the doctor ordered!
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This takes me way back in the 20th century, when CBC-TV would screen Québécois art-cinema after midnight on Sunday nite. Some new Coltrane is something else.
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What a treat it is when “new” work by the old masters appears.

And then there's that fire at Universal to contemplate.

If this had been owned by Universal, it would not exist any more.

My anger about the lies and the fire is boundless.

I'm glad this exists, though. This kind of thing is what makes loving music artists from the past feel like they still live. Suddenly, something new!
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I must have played this track about five times already. Auto-buy.
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